I've told lots of lies in my life. I try not to lie, but I still do. It's very difficult to get to 37 and not be ashamed of something you've done. But I think your life is easier, ultimately, if you're honest.

Sophie Okonedo

Knowing that you're not alone really does make all the difference in the world.

Normani Kordei

I paint stupid things; that's what I do. I can't think of anything more boring than a really thing. You have to mess it up. There has to be something a little kinky to keep their attention.

Billy Al Bengston

The idea that if you are very clever you shouldn't be an actor would be laughable in Russia.

Samuel West

I sold my most valuable possession, but I knew that because I worked at Hewlett Packard, I could buy the next calculator the very next month for a lower price than I sold the older one for!

Steve Wozniak

I'm probably so out of it at my age that I don't know what people think.

Sharon Olds