I've kind of become obsessed with the pedal steel. It's a beautiful sound, and the mechanics of it are so interesting.

Mary Halvorson

When the world is in the midst of change, when adversity and are almost indistinguishable, this is the time for visionary and when leaders need to look beyond the survival needs of those they're serving.

Chip Conley

In fact, I'll be taking a lot of Cathy Gale with me. I expect that was why I was chosen for the part.

Honor Blackman

I was a fisherman. I liked bass. That was my thing.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Clubs are taking away the steal of home. Not only are more pitchers throwing out of the stretch position, but more third basemen are playing to the bag. But another reason why nobody does it much anymore is that some guys, no matter how fast they are, just aren't comfortable trying to steal home.

Tony La Russa

My policing was nothing but activism – it had to be.

Kiran Bedi