I've had so many little I've written down here and there. Some ideas I've got reams of notes for.

Bryan Lee O'Malley

At home, growing up, we weren't really poor. We had everything we needed, we just didn't have what we wanted.

Barbara Kingsolver

That's something I like about drag – I get to do everything. Collaborative arts are hard for me because I don't really like to relinquish control.

Trixie Mattel

Our love, our gratitude, our admiration for our men and women in uniform, our veterans and their families – all of that is bigger than any one party or any one election.

Michelle Obama

If you ever have the good fortune to Tippi Hedren, she's an woman. You can't quite believe she is the age she is.

Toby Jones

Things come to you without you necessarily knowing what they mean.

Maurice Sendak