I've got really good friends and family. My parents, after 30 years, are still incredibly in love, still make each other laugh, which is a beautiful thing to see. And my brother and his fiance are happy, so if I feel a bit lonely, I just go and sit with them and feel their love.

Russell Tovey

I'm a mudboy. I came from the mud, oozed out the concrete. I'm not a rose. I'm a mudboy: I came from nothing.

Sheck Wes

Callista Gingrich has, I suspect, given Newt's advisers a giant headache. She's a presence at her husband's side – and a constant reminder of his acknowledged infidelity. Newt cheated on his second wife with Callista, a 23 years his junior.

Patti Davis

A lot of men tend to mix a couple of fragrances and smell like a flower garden. Avoid!

Fawad Khan

Sport must be accessible to working class youth.

Pierre de Coubertin

Whether I for Ranchi or Delhi, I will give my hundred percent.