I've done movies that I've been advised not to do. 'Dog Soldiers,' the movie I did 11 years ago now, I remember my agent at the time was like, 'You shouldn't do that. It's a weird film about werewolves,' and it became a cult hit.

Kevin McKidd

I'm not going to lie. I rarely wear sunblock.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Most Americans have little idea of how far our nation's worldwide standing had fallen by the end of the Bush administration; no matter how bad you thought it had gotten, it was worse.

Thomas P.M. Barnett

The pursuit of excellence is less profitable than the pursuit of bigness, but it can be more satisfying.

David Ogilvy

Most people are willing to take the Sermon on the Mount as a flag to sail under, but few will use it as a rudder by which to steer.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

That's why I play football… to be the quarterback, to be the guy with the ball in his hands.

Case Keenum