I've done all of them except for Oprah. My shoes were on Oprah but they ran out of time so I wasn't on. I left my shoes in Chicago so they could put them on the show.

Matthew McGrory

We have a very open culture at the company, where we foster a lot of interaction between not just me and but between everyone else. It's an open floor plan. People have these desks where no one really has an office. I mean, I have a where I meet with people. But it has all glass, so everyone can see into it and see what's going on.

Mark Zuckerberg

Of course, have no monopoly of patriotic enthusiasm and good faith.

Herbert Croly

Chekhov would have been an excellent screenwriter. He is singularly good at dipping in and out of a group of people's lives, like Robert Altman did.

Stephen Karam

I don't really care what the man on the street thinks. I never did anything to please him in the first place, and I'm not going to start now.

Boris Becker

I want to inspire with my story and make them see that however bad they're feeling, they can always overcome it.