I've done a lot of writing for other people, other projects, and what I tried to do with the music I'm putting out for myself is of keep it where I'm doing everything.

Teddy Geiger

I'm sure there was some amazing art at the Frieze Art Fair, but I wasn't able to find it. However, found some there, which was even better. And the boat to and from was lovely.


I don't smile much, and I never laugh. If you'd been through what I've been through, you wouldn't be smiling, either.

Charlie Sifford

If we are to judge of love by its consequences, it more nearly resembles hatred than friendship.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

The best jokes resonate because they uncover ridiculousness in our daily lives, reveal the silliness – and sometimes sadness – of things we see every day.

Rachel Sklar

They have some pretty tough gun laws in Japan, as they do in any other civilized country in the world, and they're not killing each other off with firearms. You have very violent in Europe, yet it's not causing the mayhem we see in our streets routinely here.

Michael D. Barnes