I've been very careful to always make that I am a real person. That's why I'm on social media a lot.


Almost one in three Americans has had some contact with the criminal justice system. When you reach that saturation point, people begin to understand, in a very visceral way, the difficulties of reentry.

Loretta Lynch

My music seems to have a bigger mission than I have, which is very soothing but also very strange because people see more in me than I which can be terrifying.


What I like about the is that it's a beautiful hybrid instrument in the sense that it can sound very warm but also very cold.

Ramin Djawadi

People without fathers tend to have two predominant characteristics. They tend to believe anything is possible. At the same time there's an anxiety and an unending insecurity. It's a very American thing because back in the past, we lost our fathers or father. The king.

Bennett Miller

I'm not in WWE at all.

Kazuchika Okada