I've always been into dressing nicely. My dad's really into fashion, also. We'll always go out and buy stuff. He has his own style and I have my own style, but it's a shared thing. Same thing with my grandfather; he was really into his style, so it's just sort of been passed down, I think.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

I used to hate, with a capitol H, making videos. It was nothing but a chore. It was something you had to do to have your music accepted in the visual medium.

Sheena Easton

I'm near the beach, and I'm definitely a beach bum. For me, going to training and then going to the beach is kind of an escape for me to get away from everything and relax. It's really done wonders for me.

Brendan Schaub

'Alarm' and 'Ciao Adios' are about the same person, yeah.


I tend to play in a way that feels natural to me. To me that's authentic for myself. I play by where I'm led by some sense of where I feel I'm supposed to be.

David Sanborn

We yearn for the desire to triumph, and it almost never does in the greatest love stories because we're left yearning for it more in the end, and we wish the world were different as a result. I do love that.

Todd Haynes