It's never easy getting an independent film made and distributed – even when it's easy.

Paul Dinello

I was a mess my freshman year of college. I still had so much pain in my heart.

Katelyn Ohashi

It's amazing because wrestling is global. No matter where we go in the world, it brings in the same love and everywhere. It brings in so many different diversities and people from different walks of life.


When I first heard Thundercat's stuff, I thought, 'Man, this is so original.' A lot of his ballads, to me, had such a beautiful harmonic, almost classically Hispanic, or, like, Brazilian of feeling. I don't think he does that intentionally or anything. It's just I think those are his influences on some level.

Michael McDonald

My is my statement. What I have to say is on the screen. My life is my own. I don't want to talk about my private self. Why should I?

Flip Wilson

When a law enforcement officer apprehends an illegal immigrant, it makes no sense to simply that individual who has been breaking our laws with no of sanction or penalty.

Bobby Jindal