It's near impossible to make a movie in black and white in the system.

Noah Baumbach

I bounce off four walls, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because I only those four hours a day.

Casper Van Dien

I've read the poker books, but at this point, everybody who's playing has read the poker books. I feel like I'm knowledgeable enough to understand what's going on in the game, and I understand why I suck. And I'm not sure if I'll ever rise beyond that to the level where I don't suck.

Ira Glass

I have always considered that choosing a companion for life was a very important and that my happyness or misery in this life depended on the choice.

Ezra Cornell

When I hear my friend John Boehner say that we have the best health care in the world, I don't dispute it for a moment. If I were sick, this is the I want to be in, with these doctors, these hospitals, and these medical professionals.

Dick Durbin

still come up to me and ask whether I am Louise Brown or if they've seen me somewhere else before.

Louise Brown