It's more difficult playing a real-life person than a fictional character – you can go easy on yourself with a fictional character.


Starbucks was founded around the experience and the environment of their stores. Starbucks was about a with comfortable chairs, lots of outlets, tables and desks at which we could work and the option to spend as much time in their stores as we without any pressure to buy. The coffee was incidental.

Simon Sinek

It's really rare that you come across a Southern character that's not stereotyped, vilified or aggrandized.

Anson Mount

You know you've been around a long time when your stuntman says, 'Yeah, my grandfather doubled you.'

M. C. Gainey

A man is a man in every part of the world. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the culture and education that each man has received since he was a child, in his home. It has to do with how he was raised.

Alicia Machado

enjoy our meat and our poultry, as I do as a consumer.

Mike Johanns