It's intimidating when you have to stand onstage amongst a bunch of men who are dedicated to maintaining peak musculature and athleticism, and they're six-five, 240 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. It's a lot to stand up to… My goal is to not look like Farley.

Ian Ziering

When I went into high school, I don't know why – because I've been performing since I was little – but I think it was just the pressure of being somewhere so different, and I already stood out because I had an accent, and everyone always wanted you to talk, that I kind of shied away from singing a bit.

Ella Mai

I get a lot of single mum roles – 'It's a Free World' out well, so people thought, 'She can be a single mum, Kierston can do that. Or live in a council house – she can do that.'

Kierston Wareing

A surprising number of government committees will make important decisions on fundamental matters with less than each individual would give to buying a suit.

Herman Kahn

Not all is created equal. In the 5G future, mission-critical apps such as remote surgery will have to take priority over other traffic. There will need to be a regulatory regime that allows the service provider to create services that are differentiated based on user experiences.

Borje Ekholm

I want to speak up and tell you that mascara and clothes don't make you cool, neither do name-brand handbags, but being a leader can.