It was a bit unimaginable when I began that I'd ever get to 25 books. But it was also unimaginable how much crime-writing would have changed.

Val McDermid

It's our approach to treat each show like an arena show. We over-invest in production to make the stage look bigger, turning the show into an experience and not just somebody standing around with a microphone rapping.


If somebody says to you, 'MTV,' you think of Mick Jagger on a phone screaming at that phone: 'I want my MTV.' That, to me, was always the epitome of great advertising.


I've met loads of black and brown and various who are well into comics.

Ruth Negga

L.A. is so slow. Everyone is so chill, and the weather, of course, makes everything better, but it's just a different vibe.

Ella Mai

My is real.

Nipsey Hussle