It feels nice after a long career as an actor to find your own voice and support that.

Shiri Appleby

I worked with Steven Spielberg on 'AI,' and his level of preparation was extraordinary. He told me there was a time at the beginning when he was a bit more spontaneous and went over budget, and it absolutely wrecked his head. When you look at the and assuredness of his movies, it makes sense that he works out so much in advance.

Brendan Gleeson

It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame.

Marshall McLuhan

You never know where the future will take you.

Ana Ivanovic

' Trek' posited a better future.


I believe there's no such thing as history; there's only historians, and in English, we've got this word 'his'tory, but what about her story? So that, in the end, the history of the world would be a history of every one of its members, but of course, you could never get to grips with that.

Peter Greenaway