In Turkey, butchering was a low-class, degrading job. Now, thanks to me, all the kids want to become butchers.

Salt Bae

There's nothing that can lock a memory in your mind more distinctly than with a piece of music. It's so easy to remember something so vividly and so perfectly when you score it to something.

David Draiman

I'm not a beautiful person and I never have been.

Brigitte Nielsen

The U.S. Constitution guarantees women across this country, including my daughters, the right to choose for themselves when and how to start their families. Yet, more than forty years after Roe v. Wade, women's reproductive rights remain in jeopardy.

Mike Quigley

I have a track record of going out and talking to my constituents and then standing up and representing them. That's what people want.

Darryl Glenn

I wanted – and still want – to tell my mother's story. She fled Stalin's army in 1944, leaving Latvia, which was to be occupied by the Soviets for the next 50 years, and arrived to the U.S. when she was 11.

Amity Gaige