In our post-Freudian world, it is no longer a goal to become people of character who live out a God-ordained ideal of selfhood.

Tony Campolo

It's been years and years and years I've been playing the drums, and they're still a challenge. I still enjoy using drumsticks and a snare drum.

Charlie Watts

It is true that I am not one of those who at utopias. The utopia of today can become the reality of tomorrow. Utopias are conceived by optimistic logic which regards constant social and political as the ultimate goal of human endeavor; pessimism would plunge a hopeless mankind into a fresh cataclysm.

Albert Gobat

Being the to do something like this also registers a lot of attention that the might not have gotten if all four books had just appeared from one company.

Mark Millar

I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I'm officially single. But one thing I find unbelievably annoying is all these guys in my life who want to save me.

Olivia Munn

In any work you do, you can be profound one minute, and then you be superficial the next, and you can be smart and insightful and then insipid. There can be room for all that.

Maira Kalman