I'm still the same. That's why the fans love me. Because they need stability in the industry.


Once cyber crosses into the realm of the physical, then it's a physical attack, but it starts with cyber. And the idea of a cyber attack being able to take control of machines – that becomes a scary process.

David E. Sanger

I've had a prolonged adolescence, like a lot of my generation.

Shawn Colvin

We're living in a time, unfortunately, where, you know, a lot of young men, particularly young men of color, being raised by single mothers. And their mothers so desperately want to connect with them, but I found, in talking with a lot of young men, that sometimes it's difficult.

Hill Harper

I could never repay my parents for always pushing me and believing in me as much as they did.

Normani Kordei

People assume that because I was brought up on Rolling Stones tours, and my father is who he is, I'm some kind of rock-and-roll bad girl.

Elizabeth Jagger