If you're using a as an artist and expressing your personal vision, I think your personal vision comes through.

Dave Gibbons

The first person to make me realize there was someone behind the film was Steven Spielberg.

Philippe Falardeau

The dependencies of inner and outer Mongolia are the bulwarks of China. The desert of Gobi, stretching for ten thousand li, is a barrier set by Heaven to the Russians, and if they seek to invade our borders, they will find it everywhere along the Northern frontier difficult and troublesome.

Zhang Zhidong

I see so many living in a bubble. They want to be safe, they want their kids to be safe, and they want their friends to be safe. And I get that. That's awesome and really admirable. But life is not about who gets out the cleanest at the or who's the most well-preserved and healthiest.

Frankie Ballard

Few friendships could survive the moodiness of love affairs.

Mason Cooley

I would like to go to Kalimantan island in Sumatra to see the carvings and longhouse sculptures. I've also always wanted to look at the wood carvings along the Sepik River in New Guinea.

Antony Gormley