If you a person a fish, they'll fish for a day. But if you train a person to fish, they'll fish for a lifetime.

Dan Quayle

If a brutal scene is shown for no reason except to shock, then it is bad.

Cornel Wilde

Wherever the sword of rebellion is drawn to protect the rights of man, I am a rebel. Wherever the sword of rebellion is drawn to man liberty, to clothe him in all his just rights, I am on the side of that rebellion.

Green Ingersoll

The military alone cannot end the conflict in Afghanistan. On that much nearly everyone can agree, a rare of consensus among sides otherwise on the question of how and when America's longest-ever war should wind down.

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

With years of experience doing whatever it takes to get to the bottom of each story, I am looking forward to covering the stories in the human dimension and impart the passion and visceral reactions the seeks.

Geraldo Rivera

When I started modeling, they tried to pay black models less than they paid Caucasian models. I turned down those jobs because I knew what I was worth.