I'd say to any woman, get out of that bad relationship that's turning you into a shell of your former self. Learn from it and get out. Then wait; enjoy yourself and your because, when what you want comes along, you'll spot it.

Cat Deeley

There was a rumor I was walking around at 183 pounds. When I my room to fight Conor McGregor, I was 179 pounds. That means by the time I walked in the cage, I was probably 175, 174 pounds.

Nate Diaz

If you're a conservative, you think I'm Satan.

Alan Colmes

My dad's a doctor, and when I was 8, I went to one of his medical conferences where they were demonstrating laser surgery on a chicken. I was so mad that a had to I never ate meat again.

Natalie Portman

The TSA is gambling with the security of civil aviation and expanding its scope irresponsibly. The problem with computerized passenger profiling is that it simply does not work.

Tom Bossert

My had this relationship that was really terrifying. I mean, the level of hatred that they had, and the level of physical abuse – my mother would up my father, basically – and I think I was drawn to images on television that were bright and reflective.

Augusten Burroughs