I'd always been interested in maritime history, especially the great liners. I'd have done a about the if it hadn't already been done to death by James Cameron and Celine Dion.

Erik Larson

Everyone wants, wants, wants… and when they have, they feel desperate.

Dani Alves

When Paul was exhorted to be baptized and to away his sins, there was an allusion to the use of water in the ordinance of baptism, and had there been no application of water on which to ground such an allusion, we may be certain that we should never have heard of washing away sins in baptism.

Adoniram Judson

A really good detective never gets married.

Raymond Chandler

When people see my show, they may not laugh out loud as they do with some of the classic comedians, but they do enjoy it. I regret that I called it comedy to begin with; I should have called it 'An With' or put it down as word. But the emphasis is always on funny stories.

Mick Foley

We really haven't had very much experience with people funding their retirement out of the stock market, and we don't know, frankly, how it would work under every scenario.

Ron Chernow