I wasn't like a Hollywood child actor – 'I'm five! I can sing, I can dance, I can act! I wanna be a star!'

Alexander Skarsgard

I feel like people have more in common than the news reports. People getting along doesn't sell very well in the news. I find that to be deeply depressing.

Mike Birbiglia

I was a university professor, I could talk on and on and on. Give me a podium and you have to drag me off with a hook.

Kathy Reichs

I don't think that there's any Marine out there that says she can't do the job because she's a female.

Loretta Reynolds

Even my conservative friends consider me conservative.

Kendra Wilkinson

I just feel like if I start opening the door to talking about my university experience, then people just kind of… own everything. There was a lot of a couple of years ago saying that I was bullied at Brown and awful things like that, none of which were true.

Emma Watson