I wasn't ever interested in marrying someone else's career or bank account.

Kathie Lee Gifford

The don't intimidate! They're like the Vietnamese and the Iraqis. You want to start a war with them? They'll still be fighting in fifty years!

Ted Turner

We must defend democracy using its own mechanisms, through and exemplifying its merits rather than through the heavy-handed and arbitrary silencing of its critics. This is how we will build a sustainable alternative to the contorted worldview of extremists.

Deeyah Khan

Music can help you through any kind of emotion. It can help you through a break-up, make you dance, or help you realize or understand something about yourself… and if I can sing a song and make someone those things then I will feel like I have made a difference.

Hollie Cavanagh

Buy foods from nearby farms and have that food served in the cafeteria.

When I first joined the army, I I had to be part of the alpha male culture. But I didn't.

Ant Middleton