I was four days old when I went to my first bluegrass festival.

Ashley McBryde

The biggest mistake I ever made was that I chose to do 'Criminal Minds' in the first place.

Mandy Patinkin

I'm an athlete, yes, but I'm also a woman. I'm someone who kind of, in a way, lost touch with that part of myself after I lost my legs, because there are certain feminine traits you lose when you have prosthetic legs.

Amy Purdy

You never know what you're going to end up with when you sit down to write something. At the end, if it holds, it can do this multifarious thing – which is to open things rather than close them, to make them bigger rather than smaller, to cross those which we live every day of our lives.

I've written about 15 screenplays and they all sold – they were all sold on pitches.

Bruce Vilanch

I don't look like a model, but you have to work with what you got.

Karyn Parsons