I was to work on a few episodes of 'Barry' right before we shot 'Atlanta.' That was where I got my training wheels for action coverage.

Hiro Murai

The name Holly Fulton has become synonymous with daring, graphic prints which you just know if you wear you'll have a time in.

Giles Deacon

I see wonderful films by Bertolucci, Visconti, and Fellini.

Vincente Minnelli

The press has met their Waterloo, and it's Obama.

Rush Limbaugh

I history. I love art. I like to mix it all together, but in the end it somehow has to all make sense.

Anna Sui

I sense very little appetite for green efforts to persuade people to accept a frozen or declining standard of living for the sake of the environment. Recessions remind us that economic retreat or stagnation is painful, whatever the goal.

Matt Ridley