I was a reflective child.

Michael Leunig

I tried to be a ski bum when I stepped away from Twitter, and I wasn't a very skier.

Evan Williams

A new of business and economic development must ensure everybody's sons and daughters are treated as we would expect for our own.

Sharan Burrow

I do not fear anybody on the field or in society, but I fear at night when I am away from my parents. I am scared of the unknown described in horror movies.

Saina Nehwal

The image we have of bin Laden in his years in Abbottabad is of an aging man with a graying beard watching old footage of himself; just another suburban dad flipping though the channels with his remote.

Peter Bergen

I don't really have a life outside of movies. But I like to climb mountains and walk the dogs. I like fine wines and restaurants.

Neil Marshall