I wanted to be a district attorney and solve hidden problems or maybe even be a leper-colony missionary and save people.

Diane Ladd

Buddhism has helped me my defects and has given me the tools to combat them.

Roberto Baggio

I'm a wrestler with nine toes. I'm a wrestler who has been through a lot of battles. I get to do a lot of motivational speaking, and people are away and say, 'You never quit. You keep coming back.'

Rulon Gardner

I like owning my own narrative. It depends: I either give it all up, or I don't have any control. It's really hard to go halfway. Like with modeling, for example, I kind of give up all creative control, and that's just that. But when it comes to my own art, I'm very O.C.D. I see something a very certain way.

Selah Louise Marley

The that fire up my emotions are colorful and 'different' pieces. My eye still picks out gilded-cloque glamour from among Burberry's streamlined trench coats or a hand-printed coat from Dries Van Noten.

Suzy Menkes

If you had to pick between being moral and successful, obviously I'd choose to be moral. However if you can choose both, will you choose both? I'd say definitely.

Chade-Meng Tan