I want people to see just who I am.

Teddy Geiger

Twitter's more -paced. Instagram, it's more, like, lifestyle and posting very specific, cool pictures.

Cameron Dallas

Especially for my father it was a great change. He used to be a socialist and even a member of the socialist party. But then he became an orthodox Jew.

Leon Askin

When you're people in non-title fights making four times the of money that a champion makes, it takes away the flavor of being a champion.

Tyron Woodley

We don't want to become like country artists where there's a formula.

M. Shadows

I am fully anticipating that something – perhaps many things – will not go according to plan on our actual wedding day. If some of the flowers are wilted, or there aren't enough vegetarian meals, or the priest calls me the wrong name, I will embrace these errors.

Ellie Kemper