I think there is something to be said for not feeling like just because you're a model you have to be dressed up, look amazing, go to every party, and be smiling all the time.

Edie Campbell

Our responsibility is to maximise shareholder value, and if that means we can make short-term investment where we can maximise short-term value, we can do that.

Ajay Piramal

If God created us in his own image, we have more than reciprocated.


I think that curiosity happened on these reviews where I was just a guest of the reviewer, because it introduced me to new cuisines and to the idea of cooking as a mechanism for studying other cultures and understanding other parts of the world.

Ted Allen

The first rule of negotiation is to always be willing to walk away from the deal. The first rule of happiness is to not be attached to pleasing moments.

Tara Stiles

You only have to be right once.

Drew Houston