I think science is a foreign land for many people, so I think of my role as an ambassador's job.

Marcus du Sautoy

Mitt Romney has spent his entire life finding ways to problems.

Mitch McConnell

I'd had a education for three years, my father being in the army. From 9 to 12, I went to French school. I've been sort of part of the culture, part of the geography, since I was quite young – the imprint was there.

Charlotte Rampling

I have a large collection of town because when I was just a snipe in the gutter, growing up in Los Angeles, a town car drove by. I remember running in the house to get my mother so she could see it. It was utterly magnificent.

Clive Cussler

I look thuggish when I shave my head and wear big boots. I into a newsagent and people think I'm going to the counter.

Robert Smith

I love my service; I'm going to finish my four years and be very proud of it.

Tim Griffin