I think one of the great things about a football season is that you see teams play in all types of environments, and if you can't handle one of them, you probably don't deserve to win anyway.

Bill Simmons

I still feel about 22. I don't understand, actually. I mean, as I got older, I thought there would be things like, 'I need a house now', 'I need kids', 'I need a licence to drive', but I have never really had that happen. I guess that forms part of my appeal for the people who like the stuff I do: I'm not a real person – I'm a gypsy.

Noel Fielding

I'm not here to joke around or waste time. I want to put my city and country on the map, and I won't stop until I'm at the top.

Timothy Weah

They all come from the street – tap, jazz and flamenco. And the streets are always changing. If it comes from the streets, change is the only thing that's consistent.

Savion Glover

You know, master classes are essentially extended Q&As. That's how I always approach them. I don't mean to downplay it. It's just that I never fancy myself as someone who is taking a class. 'Master class' insinuates a teacher, and I'm not one.

Sean Baker

Most people think when the world gets itself together, we'll all be okay. I don't see that situation arriving. I think one by one, we all free ourselves from the chains we have chained ourselves to. But I don't think that suddenly some magic happens and the whole lot of us will all be liberated in one throw.

George Harrison