I think it's important to show that… you can't be perfect, and you have to embrace the fact that you're original, and it's what makes you interesting.

Pom Klementieff

We need comprehensive immigration reform so that we're not creating this cycle of and depression and everything that comes with separating a family.

Diane Guerrero

Of course, Dwight D. Eisenhower gets credit for doing more for than any other resident, a mid- to high-handicapper though he was.

Dan Jenkins

So much about 'Rookie' has been very organically familial among our contributors, among our readers. Yeah, if I interview someone like Lorde, who I do know outside of work – sometimes I'm just so happy; it's so cool that this is organically, effortlessly, the warm, supportive friend vibe that we want here.

I hope that there are many more women out there writing bits of feminist sci-fi. And men, also – men are allowed to write feminist things.

Naomi Alderman

My dream as a producer is to be able to build a company that can be a safe haven for artists, for directors and for writers and actors to do what they do best and let them have final edit. I'd like to build something to that effect.

Brittany Murphy