I think it is important for working moms to recognize that family is the most important.

Paula Broadwell

Mum and dad worked so hard to help me and my brothers grow up as good people. They were both social workers, working with kids with learning disabilities. They are just great people. It means so much to me to make them proud.

Danny Welbeck

You got to realize that the vision, the image, according to 1964 U.S. rock and roll standards, was mohair suit and tie, and nicey-nicey ol' boy next door.

Bobby Keys

We need a pope to usher in a new era of inclusion, the end of a sinful clericalism, and a strong sense of duty to those on society's margins. The 1 billion faithful long for a leader who is fearless and driven – not by terror but by love.

Greg Boyle

If you've never founded a company, rest assured it never happens as elegantly and smoothly as articles in 'Inc.' and other business magazines or case studies suggest.

Steve Blank

Nobody wants you to stop, obviously because you're a moneymaking machine. But you have to make the decision and you have to move forward. So I took time off to have babies and do all that.

Donna Summer