I think I'm the first man to sit on top of the world.

Matthew Henson

Every other year, I was the new boy. I found that the only way to survive was to embrace it, make a little fortress on the outside and to pretend to blend in but not to invest too much because you'll be somewhere else next year.

Padgett Powell

I have a lot of friends in the Australian cricket team, and they have told me a lot about India. Brett Lee was telling me about the food and Bollywood. I am the kind of person who likes to embrace the culture of a place, and I really want to travel and see the various temples around the country.

Timothy F. Cahill

I love to sing swing and shuffle stuff. Radio may not play it coast to coast, but I love playing them. Man, they fill the dance up. People who the night life at these honky-tonks eat this stuff up.

Tracy Lawrence

I'm interested in the origins of the religious experience, how the history of religion has evolved over the last umpteen thousand years, and where religiosity is going in the future. I think that's a topic I've been chewing on for a few years; I would love to eventually work on and produce a book out of it.

Reza Aslan

I wear what I want.

Brad Goreski