I think calling for more women in every aspect of this industry is a sensible thing.

Alan Taylor

If you want to bring change to any field, beat away at a problem until you solve it.

Leslie Dewan

I don't believe there is a separation of church and state. I think the Constitution is very clear. The only separation is that there will not be a government church.

Tom DeLay

It would be absolutely fantastic to play at Real Madrid together with my friend Royston Drenthe.

Georginio Wijnaldum

There is not much awareness about fitness in India, unlike other countries. We don't get too many medals at Olympics; one of the reasons is we don't have that culture of fitness in India. That is why we decided to start this chain of gyms under my name.

The Great Khali

It's just such a great miracle when things do work, and they work for such a wild variety of crazy reasons.

Laurie Anderson