I tend to want to form and then create new music within them. Queen was an exception, and we joined forces because it just seemed to work when we played together.

Paul Rodgers

If I were in charge of the government, I would index the minimum wage to inflation, so that way, everybody knows what they can count on.


I have made all my monies through cinema.


I'm very comfortable in my skin. Everyone has insecurities – I joke around about I had more cheeks – but I'm happy with who I am. You have to make do with what you have. If you carry yourself right, you can make anything look good.

Leah LaBelle

I'd rather try and cram in another two gags than a pause to say, 'Hey, wasn't that bit funny?'

Edgar Wright

It is the ultimate conceit of conservatives: that more than half of American voters don't make up more than half of our country.

Kurt Eichenwald