I never take my work home with me, because when there is a baby in the bath at home, and you rush back for bath-time, as soon as you get through the door, you know that work is work and home is home.

Suranne Jones

I shot a with Nicole Kidman that I got cut out of – it was crap anyways.


In the final analysis, the questions of why bad things happen to good people transmutes itself into some very different questions, no longer asking why something happened, but asking how we will respond, what we intend to do now that it happened.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

During my at high school and university in Kreuzlingen and St. Gallen, I traveled around Europe looking at visiting artists, studios, galleries and museums.

Hans-Ulrich Obrist

My kids are fans of 'Riverdale.'

Mark Consuelos

Don't keep rewriting and polishing something if it isn't setting the world on fire: start something new instead and consider the earlier story a learning experience.