I love wrestling. That's not going to change.

Matt Hardy

Basically, I'm working on global domination. I plan to have members globally. What I'm looking to do is expand in a way that allows us to provide more access and take advantage of the sort of 'world is flat' technology platform, where it doesn't matter where you're located.


I definitely need a girl that has a good sense of because there are some girls that are just very uptight.

Romeo Santos

When you're a striker, you want to play all the games, and most chances come at the end because defenders are tired.

Alexandre Lacazette

I think I'm going to be making country records for as long as I can see into the future. It's much more down-home and real.

Neil Young

My own kids were with me in Berlin when was reunited, and they were with me in Moscow when the Soviet Union collapsed. We talked about these things at the dinner table, at their schools, with their friends.

Serge Schmemann