I love skiing.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

I'm an introvert at heart… And show business – even though I've loved it so much – has always been hard for me.

I invite you, citizens, to open your eyes and to serious attention to the future. Reflect on the disasters which may ensue from obstinacy. Submit to lawful authority, if you wish to preserve the South untouched. your families and your property.

Toussaint Louverture

The president has largely taken a hands-off approach in Syria and granted it as a legitimate sphere of interest to countries like Iran and like Russia. This is very bad policy, and it's going to lead to very dangerous consequences for our partners in the region, which is why so many of them are so opposed to U.S. policies.

Tom Cotton

I write my programs primarily for myself.

Bill Budge

I like doing radio because it's so intimate. The moment people hear your voice, you're inside there heads, not only that, you're in there laying eggs.

Douglas Coupland