I liked it when we had ugly politicians who droned on about issues.

Ken Livingstone

I am the kind of who really will drive for a bowl of chili. I'm not a three-star kind of a person; I'm just a food person.

Nora Ephron

The only I came to L.A. in the first place was to tell stories and make movies. Whatever way you can do that – if you can do that – at whatever level, that's rewarding.

Greg Sestero

I've always just wanted to succeed in everything that I do, and I know that Juventus is the perfect place to be if you want to win things.

Paulo Dybala

I was a big 'Charlie Brown' fan as a kid.

Trey Parker

Innovations in science and technology are the engines of the 21st-century economy; if you care about the wealth and health of your nation tomorrow, then you'd better rethink how you allocate taxes to fund science. The federal budget needs to recognize this.

Neil deGrasse Tyson