I like to get emotional when I watch my entertainment.

Dean Devlin

I love what I do. I love getting to talk with these people, and I feel like I'm learning something every day. You also have to be a really good listener, which I think is an underestimated skill.

Emily Chang

At Burnley, I'd enjoy myself with my missus and friends, but because at Tottenham we're playing Saturday-Tuesday, even Wednesday-Sunday, and with the intensity we play at, playing in the Champions League, we can't afford to have a night out.

Kieran Trippier

I thought Obama was in a position to do some things. I thought 2008 was a turning point in history, with him and the Wall Street crash happening at the same time, but you just learn that those entrenched powers were really entrenched; those decayed institutions were really decayed.

George Packer

I wouldn't trade the childhood we had because, A, It was normal to me, even though, in hindsight, it's not normal. It felt normal, and I think we maintained a pretty normal healthy attitude towards what we did. And B, I just wouldn't trade it, the experience that we had and the growth we've had.

AJ Michalka

And so to those who suggest that we are somehow 'harming' young women by encouraging them to take charge of their health we say this: We are not harming young women by educating them. We are arming them with information that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz