I keep both of my Tonys on my mantle. They're in front of a mirror so if you look at just the right angle, it looks like I have four!

Swoosie Kurtz

Sometimes I think about, 'What if I'm not the person everyone idealizes me to be? Maybe I'm just a regular old Joe. What if I can't live up to all these expectations? Maybe I'm just not who they think I am or who they want me to be.

Selah Louise Marley

As big as my ego may be, I'm really not of the belief that I can't be replaced. I didn't invent the wheel. There's someone else out there who can do what I do, maybe a little differently. I believe that Kiss is bigger than its individual members.


I enjoy science, and I'm a very curious person. I always want to know the reason behind everything, big or small.

Malala Yousafzai

There's music to dance to and make love to, music to cry to. I'm starting from scratch, fresh. But my sound still embodies the same soulful, intricate harmonies.

El DeBarge

In 2017, Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio, an Arizona sheriff who was ordered by a federal to stop racially profiling and was convicted of criminal contempt when he refused. Arpaio, by targeting Latinx people, was violating both the U.S. Constitution and our civil rights.