I honestly felt someone was having me on when they were like, 'Drake wants you on this track.'

Kyla Reid

Each track has to be precise, and that is a problem on a rhythmically complex track like 'Slaughtered.'

Why should a horror film be just a horror film? To me, The Company of is a fairy tale; it's got all those elements plus a lot more. And we know that fairy tales aren't innocent any more.

Neil Jordan

In 2011, I didn't read a single book.

Celeste Ng

We are building together a nation in which there are no second-class Australians.

Bob Hawke

Much like the that work provided for working-class Americans in the last century, microwork will provide for marginalized people in this one. All they really need is basic literacy, a cheap computer, and an internet hookup.

Leila Janah