I have in a flurry of images, but I will go out in a freeze frame.

Anthony Quinn

Never have we stolen the intelligences of other peoples. On the contrary, in Cuba we have trained tens of thousands of doctors and other top-level professionals, for free, in order to send them back to their own countries.

got to know me very gradually. It was little things. It's still like that. 'That Thing you Do!' was a big thing. It's always been very gradual. Like I say, people still ask me if I'm still acting. 'I've seen all your movies. What are you doing now?' Ha ha!

Steve Zahn

For too long, decisions have been taken behind closed doors – tablets of stone have simply been past down to without bothering to involve people, to their views or give them information about what we are doing and why.

Peter Mandelson

I'm extremely interested in art, every form of art, but I'm interested in it when it's good and interested in it when it's interesting.

Brie Larson

I'm kind of a laugh junkie. It's what I appreciate in life, because life is rich and sometimes it's hard, and I really, really love to laugh and gravitate towards who make me laugh.

Mary Steenburgen