I have been criticized rather strenuously by painters and sculptors for not incorporating their work in our buildings.

Minoru Yamasaki

I write everywhere. I've written books while I was on planes, at Disney World, and in multiple countries of which I am not a native. It can be a struggle to make word count sometimes, but I will persevere!

Seanan McGuire

I suppose I'm going on stage and making jokes about the fact that the audience are expecting the show to be about something and that they might learn something.

Andrew Lawrence

Hear reason, or she'll make you feel her.

Benjamin Franklin

I grew up with a single mom, two brothers, and a sister, and after school, we would play outside then go home for dinner and play videogames together. It's something I enjoy doing, and it's also cheap entertainment compared to a movie or paying for cable. You pay $50 one time for a game, and you can play it as many times as you want.

Demetrious Johnson

I didn't start my career or, really, my life before I came to Florida.

Charlotte Flair