I have been a print reporter my whole career. It's all I ever wanted to be. I specialize in political profiles. I have probably profiled hundreds of people over the years, people in very powerful positions. People don't always like what I write, but most people still talk to me.

Mark Leibovich

You can't put your feet on the ground until you've touched the sky.

Paul Auster

You are both saying the same thing. The only reason you're arguing is because you're using different words.

S. I. Hayakawa

I wonder what it was like to be an actor years ago. We're so respected now and I don't think it does us any good. We used to be vagabonds. I want to be a vagabond!

Sophie Thompson

I try to work out as much as I can and, of course, eat healthily. Drinking a lot of water, sweating during your work out is good for you, and of course, after your kids!

Adriana Lima

I came to Indiana for one reason: I think you can win championships at Indiana.

Kelvin Sampson