I had a lot of jobs in New York. I worked in a cafe, and I did bike delivery, and I was a mover. And I babysat, which was really cool in some cases and really insane in others.

Kevin Morby

The only thing that can save us as a species is seeing how we're not thinking about future generations in the way we live.

Erik Erikson

One thing about the fantasy dinner party idea that no one considers is whether these people are going to get on. I would say John McEnroe and Ian McEwan, but what would they have to say to each other?

Robert Webb

We've always been a band of the people, and we will always remain a band of the people.

David Bryan

As far as protecting yourself against Alzheimer's disease, well, it turns out that fish oil has the effect of reducing your risk for Alzheimer's disease. You should also keep your blood pressure down, because chronic high blood pressure is the biggest single risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

Gregory Petsko

The unhappy derive comfort from the misfortunes of others.