I guess I worry about weird existential things, like how do we spend our final act. This is a very question. I can't answer it without crying. I think, You're 56 years old, what did you do? You raised two good kids. What am I going to do now that is as meaningful as that? I don't know the answer yet.

Ellen Barkin

Growing up, I loved the imagery I saw from America as it being the land of the and home of the brave.

Edward Enninful

What we need to do is replace the entire tax code. I do not think it makes sense to say, 'Let's just grab money from, quote, the wealthy'… The issue is the tax code's rotten and we should start truly over with a simple code that is fair and transparent.

Barry Diller

The great opera composers were so good at their that the whole genre came to be built around the concept of the composer's vision.

Stewart Copeland

Blues is such a dynamic and ever-changing system of music.

Paul Rodgers

I had two sisters carried away in a chain-gang – one of them two children. We were always uneasy.

Harriet Tubman