I got an automatic breadmaker. It's the greatest! I get more points for that. You computerize in the results you want, and it's no fail. I'm a modern homemaker.

Sissy Spacek

I'm a huge 'Game of Thrones' fan. I'm really into the 'Colbert Report' and 'Last Week Tonight.' And I really like to get on Netflix and watch, like, TV documentaries about: What happened to the mastodon? Or who was Jack the Ripper?

Scott Michael Foster

Growing up in New Jersey, everyone to be a tough guy. That meant baggy pants that fell down, big T- shirts, and chains. I couldn't imagine wearing tight jeans, as I thought it was dorky. Now I look at pictures of me then and think, 'Yeah, you looked dorky.'

Paul Wesley

To oblige persons often costs little and helps much.

Baltasar Gracian

On a day when Osama bin Laden again threatened the United States and our allies, it is disturbing to realize that John Kerry neither recognizes nor understands the murderous ideology of our enemies and the threat they pose to our nation.

Marc Racicot

We know even from ordinary life that we have to achieve a degree of attentiveness if we want to concentrate on an inner or an object of some kind; we must also have it in our power, though, to turn our away from something we have been concentrating on.

Rudolf Steiner